I use appt to remind me of my upcoming appointments (which I keep in an org-mode file). Under this setup, my computer beeps five minutes before the beginning of the next appointment (see setup here).

Is there a way change the warning time on a per-appointment basis? (e.g., if I have a meeting in a different building I would like to set up a 20-minute warning; for most other meetings, a 5-minute warning is fine).

I imagine nice solutions to this would be:

  • Including the warning time in the org-mode timestamp (e.g., <2016-07-12 Tue 16:15-20> would mean beep 20 minutes before the meeting), or
  • Associating a tag to a given warning time (e.g., items tagged :far: would beep 20 minutes before the meeting).

Any ideas on how to accomplish something like this?

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You want the APPT-WARNTIME property, I think. See section "Appointment Reminders" at the bottom of:

(info "(org) Weekly/daily agenda")

For properties:

(info "(org) Properties and columns")


   Alt x appt-add
   Time  (hh:mm[am/pm])
   Minutes before the  appointment 

to start warning

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