I am a beginner using spacemacs and also new to emacs. What I try is to use the command M-x R new RET (dired-do-rename). Though everytime I type M-x, which is the same as SPC : I end up with helm-M-x. My problem is that I would like to use just the letter R now instead of typing e.g. renam to get the dired-do-rename command. Is there a possibility to avoid helm-M-x when I know the shortcut (M-x R new RETin this case)?

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M-x R new RET is not the correct shortcut. M-x (and SPC :) is for invoking a command by it's name, for example:

M-x dired-do-rename RET new-name RET

In Dired mode, dired-do-rename is bound to R, so you just need to type R without M-x, for example:

R new-name RET

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