What I tried, putting at the end of a file:

  • Local IspellDict: de

  • As local variable: speck-dictionary: de

However, neither is interpreted. When I open the file in question, speck-mode always uses en as dictionary. The spell checker used is hunspell.

What should I add to a file to change the dictionary of speck-mode?

By the way, I use speck-mode because flyspell-mode is very slow on my system.

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It’s a bug in Speck version 2014.08.30: The function speck-restore-options was missing support for Hunspell. I added a bug fix to speck.el on EmacsWiki. The new version is 2016.07.17.

For testing I assigned to speck-hunspell-dictionary-alist:

(("en" . "en_US") ("de" . "de_DE") ("es" . "es_ES"))

Now the German dictionary can be set at the end of the file with one of:

  • Local Dictionary: de

  • Local Dictionary: de_DE

  • Local IspellDict: de

  • Local IspellDict: de_DE

The key on the left side in the above examples can be changed by customizing speck-save-dictionary-regexp.

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