mu4e-switch-context seems to set shortcut key from first letter of its name.

How can I customize this to other letter?

e.g.) I have contexts like "work-A", "work-B", "work-C", ... and pressing ";" shows them all like [w]ork-*.


A quick and dirty maneer to obtain what you want is simply to choose your context name in order to have them begining with different letters. Say, in your case A-work, B-work, C-work. Or maybe more meaningfull name. I don't know why you have 3 different work context, but I could imagine they address 3 different customer. They probably have different name, so you could name your contexts after them, i.e. Bob-customer1, Alice-customer2 etc.

If you really want to keep the names work-A, work-B etc., another way is simply to put the desired shortcut letter at their begining. I.e. awork-A, bwork-B. You should now see [a]work-A and [b]work-B when trying to select a profile.

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    personally, i've got so many mail-accounts that i don't want a single character to be a shortcut for a mail-account. i'd rather prefer something like completing-read or so. how could that be done? Apr 2 '17 at 2:38
  • a hear hear here. I have two email accounts gmail and gmx and I want "x" to select gmx.
    – RichieHH
    Jan 21 at 0:26

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