For a variety of reasons it's possible to end up with duplicate heading Id's (manually-set ID conflicts, copy pasta, duplicate files, etc.).

When refiling you may get a message

WARNING: 17 duplicate IDs found, check *Messages* buffer

Followed by a (possibly) long list of locations of duplicate Id's:

Duplicate ID "271b2fbe-cb4f-4eb8-86d5-91544028ccae", also in file /home/erik/data.org
Duplicate ID "bc7ea3e9-f821-4bee-9ce6-255083721a8a", also in file /home/erik/data.org
Duplicate ID "24afb249-8481-46a5-8237-06a0c22295eb", also in file /home/erik/data.org
Duplicate ID "6a545fe0-bd19-4523-8a6d-f7500a114f5f", also in file /home/erik/data.org

It's fairly simple to kill/copy the id and search through the document to replace duplicate ids, but that is rather onerous. I'm curious what mechanisms are available in org-mode to assist in resolving these or alternatively what people may have come up with to resolve this occasional problem with their own agendas.

It looks like the duplicate logic is limited to what is currently baked into org-id-update-id-locations and would be easy to extract, but I'd like to hear some other thoughts before I write a helper.

  • id also be very interested on thoughts on this as i also often have the same issues – zeltak Jul 17 '16 at 11:01

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