I'm wondering if there is a magit equivalent to git remote -v to list remotes and their URL's defined on a git repository. The magit remotes popup offers options to add, remove, rename, and set url, but I don't see any sort of listing mechanism.

Sample git remote -v output:

origin  [email protected]:/var/git/myproject.git (fetch)
origin  [email protected]:/var/git/myproject.git (push)

magit-list-remotes is non-interactive and only lists remote names.

  • I do not know what the current version of magit presently has to offer, but I wrote up my own push to multiple remotes (a couple of years ago) that begins with git remote -v using start-process -- Emacs — How to push a Git repository to multiple remotes: stackoverflow.com/a/23178396/2112489
    – lawlist
    Jul 27, 2016 at 20:59

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The buffer generated by magit-show-refs-popup (y) will give output that includes something like

Origin ([email protected]:/var/git/myproject.git) (2)
  origin/HEAD               -> origin/master
  origin/master             Commit message

It is working with the output of git branch -vvr rather than git remote -v.

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