It's possible to install a new theme in spacemacs? How should I do this? I'm trying to install some theme from http://themegallery.robdor.com/

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  1. Select your theme: http://themegallery.robdor.com/

  2. Go to your dotfile: SPC f e d

  3. Adding or edit the follow line adding our theme name(gruvbox in this example), make sure that is the first element of the list:

    (defun dotspacemacs/init ()
        ;; ... other configurations...
        dotspacemacs-themes '(gruvbox))
  4. Reload your spacemacs: SPC q R

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    A hint, SPC or Space would not work unless you have chosen your permanent editing style as Vim in lieu of Emacs; then to solve the issue, for emacs user's, just use M-m (ie Alt-m). Commented Oct 30, 2019 at 8:00
  • SPC f e R worked for me to reload the configuration. But full restart was needed to actually apply a new theme.
    – ilyazub
    Commented Apr 21, 2021 at 14:25

You need to first add themes mega-pack to your .spacemacs

  • start emacs
  • edit conf Spacefed
  • udpate dotspacemacs-configuration-layer adding themes-megapack
  • resync conf SpacefeR
  • update dotspacemacs/user-initadding dotspacemacs-themes '(jbeans))) , replacing jbeans with your theme of choice
  • restart conf SpaceqR
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    Theme mega-pack broke my installation pretty hard. I'm running emacs 26.1 on Pop OS (Ubuntu derivative). All dark themes were permanently horked, and I had to delete .emacs.d and .spacemacs and start over.
    – Reb.Cabin
    Commented Sep 6, 2018 at 14:34
  • I setup spacemacs this week and I'm able to just put the name of any theme from themegallery.robdor.com into the dotspacemacs-themes and when I restart spacemacs it provisions the theme for me (i.e. installs all package dependencies). I've not had to add/enable the themes mega-pack explicitly anywhere.
    – Sankalp
    Commented Feb 25, 2019 at 9:54

Installation and configuration.

  1. Open the configuration dotfile, ~/.spacemacs , M-m f e d.
  2. "Install" themes (two options).
    • Add the mega-pack layer at the layer section; or
    • Add a particular theme package at the package section.
      dotspacemacs-additional-packages '(...
  3. Set the themes to be loaded a the theme section.
    dotspacemacs-themes '(sometheme-somevariant
  4. Resync configuration so themes are effectively installed, M-m f e R. Or restart, M-m q R.
  5. Cycle themes by pressing M-m T n.


  • The mega-pack itself lists dozens of themes. If it is a personal (one user) setup, I recommend to simply install the specific theme packages that you are going to use.
  • Each theme package may include several variants, like solarized-theme which includes solarized-dark and solarized-light.
  • Two/three theme variants are enough.

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