I just installed web-mode. It works, but the indentation seems to be set to 4 spaces by default. How does one properly set it to 2 spaces?


According to the web-mode documentation, you can do that with the following:

(defun my-web-mode-hook ()
  "Hooks for Web mode."
  (setq web-mode-markup-indent-offset 2)
(add-hook 'web-mode-hook  'my-web-mode-hook)

You can also set values for web-mode-css-indent-offset for CSS, and web-mode-code-indent-offset Javascript, Java, PHP, etc.

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    It might be better to customize-group web-mode and set this. Dec 26 '17 at 23:23
  • @ChristianStewart or even better, do it with use-package
    – DomQ
    May 7 '20 at 15:49

With use-package:

(use-package web-mode
  (web-mode-markup-indent-offset 2)
  (web-mode-css-indent-offset 2)
  (web-mode-code-indent-offset 2))

This is what worked for me:

(setq indent-tabs-mode nil
      js-indent-level 2)
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    I'm pretty sure these variables don't affect web-mode indentation at all.
    – user12563
    Jan 19 '19 at 13:17
  • the provided solution above did not work for me. What I shared here is what solved this issue for me., actually (js-indent-level 2) will do the job also Jan 19 '19 at 13:19

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