I noticed I copy-paste entire headers (with content) quite often. The problem I also notice is that this creates a lot of headers with duplicate IDs. I wonder if anyone has a function he would like to share or can help me create a function that will

  1. copy current header and contents (org-copy-subtree) at point
  2. paste it below current header
  3. change ID

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I often need to copy/paste a large tree and had the same problem with duplicate ids. Now, after pasting the tree, I narrow to the tree and run the following function. This will visit every heading at any level in the tree and either change its id or, for newly-created headings, give it an id.

(defun bw/org-add-update-ids-to-headlines-in-file ()
  "Add ID properties to all visible headlines in the current file which
do not already have one.  Change the IDs of those that already have them."
  (org-map-entries '(lambda () (org-id-get-create t))))

(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oa" 'bw/org-add-update-ids-to-headlines-in-file)

Maybe I should also look into adding an id automatically every time I create a new heading...

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