Microsoft Visual Studio has a very useful wide scrollbar where you get to see the whole file scaled so it fits vertically. Is there a way to do this in Emacs?

Wide scrollbar

I've looked into having a 2nd frame and changing the zoom of the font in that frame, but the zoom affects any frame with the same buffer.


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Most of the emacs packages I've seen related to this have thought of it as coming from the sublime Minimap, which seems identical. I've seen people refer to these, but I don't have much experience with them:


Library thumb-frm.el gives you thumbnail frames, which provide a very similar feature.

These are real, usable frames, but they are thumbnail-size (configurable). And you can, if you want, have them placed along a screen edge, similar to what you show.

See Emacs-Wiki page Fisheye with Thumbs for details and screenshots.

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