I recently installed a programming package, "Haskell mode," and apparently I changed how "initial parenthesis highlighting" works. I'm used to a quick black/white box superimposed on the initial parenthesis. Now there is a solid colored box that lingers for a while. How do I change this back to the default behavior?

  • May be it enabled show-paren-mode. Try (show-paren-mode -1)
    – nitishch
    Aug 9, 2016 at 9:37

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The original behaviour you describe sounds like blink-matching-paren:

blink-matching-paren is a variable defined in simple.el.

Non-nil means show matching open-paren when close-paren is inserted. If t, highlight the paren. If `jump', move cursor to its position.

The new behaviour you are seeing sounds like show-paren-mode. From the help for that function:

Show Paren mode is a global minor mode. When enabled, any matching parenthesis is highlighted in show-paren-style after show-paren-delay seconds of Emacs idle time.

As @nitishch commented, you can turn off show-paren-mode with (show-paren-mode -1). You can customize the behaviour of blink-matching-paren via M-x customize-variable blink-matching-paren. You can customize show-paren-mode via M-x customize-group paren-showing - this allows you to set the delay before showing parens, and the faces (fonts) used to highlight them.

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