I have the following documentation:

mc/keymap is a variable defined in `multiple-cursors-core.el'.
Its value is (keymap
 (67108903 . mc-hide-unmatched-lines-mode)
 (27 keymap
     (118 . mc/cycle-backward))
 (22 . mc/cycle-forward)
 (return . multiple-cursors-mode)
 (7 . mc/keyboard-quit))

Keymap while multiple cursors are active.
Main goal of the keymap is to rebind C-g and <return> to conclude
multiple cursors editing.


I know that C-g and C-v are 7 and 22, respectively, but I've no idea what any of the others are. Is there a function I can use to do this?

(equal (??? (kbd x)) x) => t

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help-key-description is used to display a humanly-readable key in the documentation when you invoke describe-key (C-hk).

(help-key-description [22] nil)       ;; --> "C-v"

(help-key-description [67108903] nil) ;; --> "C-'"


  (help-key-description (kbd "C-g") nil)
;; --> t

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