I have a forked repository. I want to configure my upstream so that I can keep my master up to date and rebase my feature branches. How can I do this?

magit-version returns Magit 20160810.653, Git 2.6.4 (Apple Git-63), Emacs, darwin.

  • By "have a forked repository" you mean forked on Github, or similar? Since you already "know how to do this in git", I think it would help clarify the question if you added example git commands to it.
    – npostavs
    Aug 20, 2016 at 22:59

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You can add a remote with M a. It will prompt for a name and url, and whether to set pushRemote.

You can then fetch from all remotes with f a, or a specific remote with f e.

You can rebase with r e, which will let you pick a branch, including the branch upstream.


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