Projects with multiple subprojects are tagged with PROJ, e.g.

** PROJ Master Project
*** PROJ Subproject 1
**** Task 1a
*** PROJ Subproject 2
**** Task 2a

Currently, I have a custom agenda view that will simply display all items with a PROJ tag:

("p" "all projects" todo "PROJ")
  1. How do I modify it so that only master projects (which are all level 2 headings) are displayed?

  2. How do I modify it so that only subprojects (level 3 or more) are displayed?


You can use the LEVEL "property" to match a certain subtree level. The match syntax is described in (info "(org) Matching tags and properties"). LEVEL=2 corresponds to subtrees with 2 stars etc. And to answer your questions:

(setq org-agenda-custom-commands
      '(("p" "master projects" tags-todo "LEVEL=2/PROJ")
        ("u" "subprojects" tags-todo "LEVEL>2/PROJ")))
  • Thanks! tags-todo is what I was missing. I had to change it to LEVEL=2, though, to match 2-star headings, so I guess the LEVEL property is 1-based instead of 0-based?
    – wiuah
    Aug 22 '16 at 16:27
  • You're right, updated the answer.
    – mutbuerger
    Aug 22 '16 at 17:01

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