How can I tweak Emacs auto-fill to fill when a period is inserted?

For example, with a (setq fill-column 10) the following will auto-fill when I press the space after "fill".

;; good fill

;; good
;; fill on

This example doesn't fill when I press the period. I have to invoke fill-paragraph manually

;; bad fillllllllllllllllll.

;; bad
;; fillllllllllllllllll.

The elisp manual section about auto-filling describes the auto-fill-chars variable.

-- Variable: auto-fill-chars

 A char table of characters which invoke ‘auto-fill-function’ when
 self-inserted—space and newline in most language environments.
 They have an entry ‘t’ in the table.

About char tables it says:

A char-table is much like a vector, except that it is indexed by character codes. Any valid character code, without modifiers, can be used as an index in a char-table. You can access a char-table’s elements with ‘aref’ and ‘aset’, as with any array.

So you could simply do:

(aset auto-fill-chars ?. t)

to add the . character to the ones triggering auto filling.

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