When I try to close the neotree window (SPC w d with spacemacs) it just says

Only one window other than neotree left. Won't close.

It's true that I only have one window other than neotree but what if I want to make it fullscreen ?

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    That message can only appear if neo-dont-be-alone is t. Check that variable value with M-x describe-variable RET neo-dont-be-alone RET and see if it is t. If it is, then change it to the default of nil with (setq neo-dont-be-alone nil) or figure out where you changed the default which would have been nil. See beginning at line 781 in the source code: github.com/jaypei/emacs-neotree/blob/dev/neotree.el#L781
    – lawlist
    Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 5:50
  • @lawlist I believe that can be a very fine answer instead of a comment :) Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 14:06

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When the value for the variable neo-dont-be-alone is non-nil (e.g., t or some other symbol such as 'foo), the function delete-window (which has been advice by the neotree library) has check to see whether the neotree window would be the only remaining window.

The default value for neo-dont-be-alone is nil, so the original poster has changed it somewhere along the way. To restore the default value, either evaluate (setq neo-dont-be-alone nil) or find the modification of default behavior within the user-configuration files and remove it (or comment it out).

Here is a link to line 781 of neotree.el in the Github repository in the event anyone is interested in seeing the advice of delete-window: https://github.com/jaypei/emacs-neotree/blob/dev/neotree.el#L781


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