Is there a way to bypass a prompt (set the value to nil) in an org-capture template with helm?

Specifically, template looks like this:

("m" "Meeting notes" entry (file "~/Dropbox/org/meetings.org")
       "* %^{Meeting Time}T %^{Title} %^g \n** %i%?\n " :prepend t)

How can I leave out the title (%^{Title}) or tags (%^g)? I've tried an empty string, but that aborts the capture. Pressing enter without any input selects the first helm completion.

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    In helm's mode-line, you should be able to see C/M-RET:Empty.
    – xuchunyang
    Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 11:33

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C-ENTER seems to work for me when in the template substitution helm, which helm binds to helm-cr-empty-string in the helm interface.

(There's probably a better way of discovering this, but I just did it via trial and error having tried various other unsuccessful things such as C-u ENTER, M-ENTER and a simple ..)

  • For me it was actually M-RET that worked (on a mac with spacemacs), though I couldn't confirm what function it's bound to. How did you discover helm was binding to helm-cr-empty-string? When I run describe-function (spacemacs SPC h d f) it doesn't show any bindings : \
    – Jay
    Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 17:57
  • Glad that's helped. I think it'll be in the mode-specific bindings, so it'll only be bound when the helm interface is actually showing. I can see that binding with C-h k C-ENTER when the helm interface is popped up (describe-key). Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 22:18

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