Can I pass an argument to (org-todo-list) so the buffer will only show item a specific category?

I tried something like (org-todo-list "personal"), but had no success.

I can still use < over a category, once I am in the org-agenda-mode. Is there a way to combine these steps into "open a new org todo view filtered by category"?

  • after using the filter in die agend-mode the powerline says something like <+personal>, maybe that helps :) – Daniel Hitzel Aug 30 '16 at 15:21

You can't do this with org-todo-list directly, so use a tags search instead. Despite the name org-tags-view will match arbitrary properties, not just tags. Setting the first argument of org-tags-view to t will restrict to only todo items. For example (org-tags-view t "CATEGORY=\"personal\"") will show all todo items with CATEGORY "personal".

You also access this using the M option of org-agenda or by creating a custom agenda view of type tags-todo.

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