I'm watching the great Emacs Rocks! Episode 13: multiple-cursors vide at youbube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNa3axo40qM

There are several places I'm not clear how the author did it. At 0:32: https://youtu.be/jNa3axo40qM?t=32, how the author quickly deletes strings from the underscore character to the end of the words?

At 0:39:https://youtu.be/jNa3axo40qM?t=39, how does the author quickly select the strings like class="fruit"? I guess it's a shortcuts from the html-mode but I can't find anything useful.


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There are multiple ways of doing what the author did. Heres what I use to achieve them :-

For the trick at 0:32, We can achieve this using smartparens package. Just enable smartparens-mode and press C-k. That's it.

As for the trick at 0:39, we can do this in two ways :-

  1. Using expand-region package. Check this link for details on how to use this.
  2. If you have web-mode installed, it has a command to select the attribute. It is bound to C-c C-a s by default.

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