I often work on several different codebases that use different indent styles (2 spaces vs 4 spacces vs tabs...). It is annoying to set c-basic-offset (or other variables, depending on mode) each time I open new file. Is there a package (or setting) that makes Emacs detect indentation style of opened file?

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Check out dtrt-indent on melpa.


CC-mode comes with the cc-guess.el file which provides functions to do that.

E.g. M-x c-guess should do the trick.

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    Works well, but guessing takes several minute for bigger files. Sep 9, 2016 at 19:37
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    I think the docstring you get from C-h f c-guess RET should give you some hints about how to control its run-time, eg.g. by restricting the part of the file it scans.
    – Stefan
    Sep 9, 2016 at 19:41

One way to do that for a specific file is to use file local variables:

A file can specify local variable values to use when editing the file with Emacs. Visiting the file checks for local variable specifications; it automatically makes these variables local to the buffer, and sets them to the values specified in the file.

The doc describes how you can specify them in a comment on the first line of the file, or as a “local variables list” near the end of the file.

For a whole code base, using Per-Directory Local Variables is certainly more appropriate.

Sometimes, you may wish to define the same set of local variables to all the files in a certain directory and its subdirectories, such as the directory tree of a large software project. This can be accomplished with “directory-local variables”.

Again, the linked doc (or info doc from within emacs) describes how to define them.

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