I am frequently running multiple Emacs servers. When I am in a particular client I sometimes want to check which Emacs server I am connected to.

So I do:

`C-h v`

… and the enter in the mini-buffer server-name.

Is there a way to define a keybinding that also includes the input that should be entered in the mini-buffer?

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Every key runs an Emacs command. You make an Emacs command (a special kind of function) then bind some key to it. For example, in your case, C-h v runs the describe-variable commands and takes 'server-name as its argument, thus you can make a command for your need using something like:

(defun describe-server-name ()
  (describe-variable 'server-name))

You can test this new command using M-x describe-server-name RET, if you are happy with it, you can bind some key (for example C-h C-s) to it:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-h C-s") 'describe-server-name)

Another way is using (emacs) Keyboard Macros, I think minibuffer input is supported in vanilla Emacs. You can also fake the keyboard macro (which is a special kind of Emacs command) but I don't recommend this way:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-h C-s") (kbd "C-h v server-name RET"))

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