I'm trying to export some python code with syntax highlighted to a pdf, from org-mode. Even though I can export to html without any issues I could not find a way to export it to pdf.

n.b. I'm using spacemacs but also tried without success with vanilla emacs.

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Hey this answer solved my similar problem. A bit late but I had the same issue today.

As mentioned, I add the following code snipped to my .spacemacs/.emacs config:

(require 'org)
(require 'ox-latex)
(add-to-list 'org-latex-packages-alist '("" "minted"))
(setq org-latex-listings 'minted) 

(setq org-latex-pdf-process
      '("pdflatex -shell-escape -interaction nonstopmode -output-directory %o %f"
        "pdflatex -shell-escape -interaction nonstopmode -output-directory %o %f"
        "pdflatex -shell-escape -interaction nonstopmode -output-directory %o %f"))

(setq org-src-fontify-natively t)

 '((R . t)
   (latex . t)))

To use Minted, you need to install the companion program pygments. You can do this with pip install pygments.

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