~/github/hub $ git rev-parse HEAD

~/github/hub $ git --no-pager log \
                --grep='\[ci skip\]' --invert-grep \
                --format=oneline --max-count=1
cbf7ab1ba3fa91287085ce0cbebdc11c84388888 Improve `hub merge` to not generate leftover remote refs

~/github/hub $ (magit-git-lines "log"
                "--grep='\\[ci skip\\]'" "--invert-grep"
                "--format=oneline" "--max-count=1")
("4777bd363058213605ebb292b35ef1a6edb3663c Update `merge` documentation")

The repository I'm working with is github/hub. I can only assume I'm misapplying the arguments, but I can't see my error.

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magit-git-lines does not run a shell, so you don't need the single quotes to protect the argument value.

(magit-git-lines "log"
                 "--grep=\\[ci skip\\]" "--invert-grep"
                 "--format=oneline" "--max-count=1")
  • Ah, did the single quotes get passed literally to process-file? That'd explain it. Thanks! Sep 22, 2016 at 2:49

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