I just hit SPC a u and it opened the undo-redo tree. Now I can't operate it.
I go on the tree, press enter and nothing happen. I can't close it!
Either :q is unrecognized. How do I operate this ?


On Vim editing style, naturally:

  • j and k to navigate through the tree up and down.

  • h and l to switch branches.

When using Emacs editing style:

  • n and p to navigate through the tree up and down.

  • f and b to switch branches.

On both editing styles:

  • q or C-g to quit and leave in current state.

  • C-q to abort changes.

Note: Undo-Tree is a very powerful package and has lots of useful/cool features that are comprehensively explained only in its source code embedded documentation, which could be visualized by calling:

M-x finder-commentary <RET>

then type:

undo-tree <RET>

Or take a look at the Online Undo-tree documentation

Other useful commands:

  • d Toggle diff display.

  • t Toggle display of time-stamps.

  • s Toggle keyboard selection mode.

  • , and < Scroll left

  • . and > Scroll right

  • h and l to move from branch to branch (the current one is highlighted).
  • C-n and C-p to move up and down the tree.

When you are ready press q and you are out.

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