I use the following to keep track of my daily tasks/todos etc:

** Monday 03.10.2016 [7/18]...
** Tuesday 04.10.2016
       CLOCK: [2016-10-04 Di. 09:00]
Some things to do...

How would I carry over the open tasks from Monday to Tuesday's block in org-mode?

  • Here is something similar that I use to carry forward uncompleted tasks: emacs.stackexchange.com/a/5700/2287 You can modify it to suit your needs. I have setup a prompt when I load my master todo file that asks me whether I wish to reorganize.
    – lawlist
    Oct 4 '16 at 16:17

Personally I don't sort my tasks into hierarchical structures by hand but use the aggregation via org-agenda.

Judging from your presented lines, the entries under Monday are checkboxed lists or TODO childs.

Coming from checkbox lists I'd sort by reverse checked state with org-sort (C-c ^) X, convert the open entries to Todo child entries org-list-make-subtree (C-c C-*), mark the open lines by hand and refile the region to the running clock task org-refile (C-u 2 C-c C-w) when the Tuesday task is clocked in. If your child entries are already todo child entries the argument for org-sort changes to todo order (o) or its capital version.

You can change TODO children back to checkbox lists with org-ctrl-c-minus (C-c -)

I have not yet found out how to move a list of checkbox entries if the cut and paste is not done by hand. If you're willing to do that, sort the list, cut the interesting stuff and org-clock-jump-to-running-clock and paste.

  • The hierarchical set is purely used to keep a log of my daily activities, as it happens, with significant rollover in places. In this context I do not use org-agenda. I'll get back to you on your answer, thanks.
    – OrgAddict
    Oct 6 '16 at 15:01
  • Thanks for the reverse sort shortcut. (-> TIL). If there is a select unchecked option, perhaps I can somehow automate this into a single shortcut step. Looks like I'll have to revert to elisp for this.
    – OrgAddict
    Oct 13 '16 at 14:44

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