When I run the command LaTeX-environment (bound to C-c C-e by default) Helm properly selects from a list of all relevant environments (i.e. the same list I'd get without Helm turned on). The prompt reads "Environment type: (default foo)" where 'foo' is the value stored in LaTeX-default-environment (which is in turn set to whatever I ended up using in the last call to LaTeX-environment). If I hit return now, however, I get an 'abstract' environment, the first entry in the Helm buffer.

How can I get Helm to respect LaTeX-default-environment?


You cannot. According to helm's author it is AUCTEX' fault for not using completing-read correctly which makes helm-mode return the candidate verbatim. A possible workaround is described in the linked thread which is either making AUCTEX' authors fix the bug for every instance of completing-read or patching it yourself.

To do the latter, the following should work (untested, most code taken from AUCTEX):

(eval-after-load 'latex
  '(defun LaTeX-environment (arg)
      (interactive "*P")
      (let ((environment (completing-read (concat "Environment type: (default "
                                                  (if (TeX-near-bobp)
                                                  ") ")
                                          (LaTeX-environment-list) nil t nil
                                          'LaTeX-environment-history LaTeX-default-environment)))
        ;; Get default
        (cond ((and (zerop (length environment))
               (setq environment "document"))
              ((zerop (length environment))
               (setq environment LaTeX-default-environment))
               (setq LaTeX-default-environment environment)))

        (let ((entry (assoc environment (LaTeX-environment-list))))
          (if (null entry)
              (LaTeX-add-environments (list environment)))

          (if arg
              (LaTeX-modify-environment environment)
            (LaTeX-environment-menu environment))))))
  • 5
    Already fixed upstream.
    – giordano
    Oct 28 '14 at 23:31
  • Thanks, guess the questioner has to update his AUCTEX installation then and check whether this fixes it. If not, the snippet above should still apply.
    – wasamasa
    Oct 29 '14 at 0:16

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