I've created an ascii video at https://asciinema.org/a/63b67gx2hm5pasdvjkhiyq4ud to demo my emacs issue with multiple-cursors. I created 4 lines of text and created 4 cursors (see 00:36). Then I use C-a moved the cursors to the beginning of the lines. After that, I use mc/insert-letters to insert letters (see 00:46). Note that at this time the status line shows mc:4 means I have 4 cursors. After I inserted the letters, the status line shows mc:3 (see 00:49) and the mini buffer is still activated with the command mc/insert-letters selected by default. If I press Enter again, the letters a, b, c only installed in line 2, 3, 4 and the status line shows mc:4 again. At the end of the video, I tried the command mc/insert-numbers and it shows similar behavior. It seems this behavior is not correct. Could anyone help to confirm please? If it's an issue, how to fix it?


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