While this answer (How to make auto-completion case sensitive? - ac-ignore-case) works in some cases.

Using evil mode on its own. Adding (setq ac-ignore-case nil) to ~/.emacs doesn't make completion case sensitive. (Pressing Ctrl-N in evil mode).

From looking into it this calls evil-complete-next.

Checked the source but didn't see any options to adjust.

Can this be made to be case sensitive?


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Evil mode uses dabbrev, to make autocomplete case sensitive, set this in your emacs config.

(setq dabbrev-case-fold-search nil)

See: case-sensitivity of word completion using dabbrev for details.

thanks to @VanLaser for the hint.

  • Maybe that's just me but I also had to set (case-fold-search nil). Try it if dabbrev-case-fold-search didn't work Commented Feb 22, 2021 at 23:45

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