In LaTeX, I use extra spacing to separate sentences from each other. This may for instance be achieved by

\spaceskip=.33333em plus .16667em  minus .083333em 
\xspaceskip=.8em plus .4em minus .13333em

With these settings I must take care to make it known when I want to use a full stop for something other than ending a period, such as marking an abbreviation. This I do by typing

Mr.\ Charles

&c. But if I write Mr.\ Charles in an org buffer and export to LaTeX, I get a literal \ in my pdf, which corresponds to \\ in the exported source. How can I get \ in the source and a normal space skip in the typeset document?

I know I can do Mr.@@latex:\@@ Charles, but is there no better way?


Check the answers to the following question where they discuss this in detail:

How to make non-breaking spaces (ties) in Org-mode that exports properly to LaTeX

They show four different ways to insert a literal space:


e.g. example


e.g. example

I had the exact same problem handling the space between Mr. and the lastname. What worked for me was the suggestion on this comment, because I consider it to be the least visually intrusive.

I just insert C-x 8 SPC where I want a literal space.

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The only solution that has worked reliably for me was posted here:


After including (setq org-entities-user '(("space" "\\ " nil " " " " " " " "))) into my .emacs

I am using Emacs 25.1.1, Org mode 9.0.9 and pdfTeX-1.40.17

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