Say I want to find a directory like:


And I don't know the intermediate directory paths, or the full directory name, but remember that the directory has the word looking in it.

I am using flx-ido like so:

(require 'flx-ido)
(setq ido-enable-flex-matching t)

Which joins very well for when I want to do things like f/b/b/b/d/stuff

Is there a good way to type looking and get a list of suggestions?


I wrote a small script, and then integrated with helm to achieve similar effect. Luckily I wrote about it on my blog (while trying to kickstart my blogging habit). Here it is:


Should work on Linux transparently. On Windows, you can plug in the actual Everything app that I was trying to mimic.

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Install find-file-in-project, https://github.com/technomancy/find-file-in-project

M-x find-directory-in-project-by-selected


I'm using the standard (icomplete-mode t) in my init-file. Then for

Directories: C-x d /*/*/src -> gives me as a candidate /usr/local/src, with other word it is working for your scenario when you know the depth of the interesting directory and for

Files: C-x C-f /u/l/s/e returns the completion of -> /usr/local/src/emacs, or for

Functions: C-h f a-r-m -> one candidate is e.g. auto-revert-mode. Also for

Buffers: C-x b d.-> returns candidate buffers beginning with d and a file suffix. Finally

Code: a-r-m C-M-i writes the completion auto-r-mod into the buffer and a completion buffer.

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