I like to keep my modeline pretty minimal, so I'm hiding most minor-mode lighters. Occasionally I want to check which minor-modes are enabled, and it would be nice if I could trigger a pop-up that listed them and that I could easily dismiss with q or ESC. I'm imagining an interface like which-key uses.

I know about C-h m, but I'm looking for a solution that looks less like,

Enabled minor modes: Async-Bytecomp-Package Auto-Composition
Auto-Compression Auto-Encryption Auto-Revert Buffer-Face Column-Number
Delete-Selection Diff-Auto-Refine Drag-Stuff-Global Electric-Indent
Electric-Pair Evil Evil-Commentary Evil-Local File-Name-Shadow
Font-Lock Global-Eldoc Global-Font-Lock Global-Git-Commit

and more like

Async-Bytecomp-Package    Delete-Selection     Evil-Local
Auto-Composition          Diff-Auto-Refine     File-Name-Shadow
Auto-Compression          Drag-Stuff-Global    Font-Lock
Auto-Encryption           Electric-Indent      Global-Eldoc
Auto-Revert               Electric-Pair        Global-Font-Lock
Buffer-Face               Evil                 Global-Git-Commit
Column-Number             Evil-Commentary

I also don't need all the extra info that C-h m presents (keybindings, descriptions, etc.). Plus C-h m forces me to switch to it's newly opened window before I can kill it.

Does anyone know of a package that does something like this?


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helm-describe-modes uses Helm completion, so you can easily search for and act on modes.


manage-minor-mode will open a new window which shows two columns of all the active minor modes and inactive minor modes for the current buffer. You can selectively enable/disable minor modes by pressing RET or you can also select minor modes to be enabled/disabled for the whole session.

It looks like so :- enter image description here

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Here's another way to see a list of (at least some of) the minor modes - those that choose to let you access them this way.

Right-click the mode indicator in the mode line (any part of it: major-mode indicator or any minor-mode indicator). This is the part in parentheses.

This pops up a menu (list) of many of the minor modes currently enabled (those that bother to provide mode-line lighters).

You can also use this menu to toggle any of these minor modes on/off.

See the Emacs manual, node Mode Line for more information.

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