If I invoke org-preview-latex-fragment under one region, it destroys my previews in all other regions. Is there a way to make latex previews stick, so that previews are only removed when running C-c C-c a local (on point) or global "hide previews" command?

  • There is an option for set preview latex fragment at startup. Maybe it can help you. Oct 24, 2016 at 0:14

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It seems like it is not possible to achieve this currently. First, org-preview-latex-fragment always deletes all overlays before doing anything at all, see Line 18329 in org.el. In addition, C-c C-c also implements this behavior, see Line 20313 in org.el.

However, I cannot see any compelling reason why org-preview-latex-fragment must delete all overlays before creating the current one. And I agree this is annoying behavior. Maybe it should be reported as a bug?

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