I use the "go to line" navigation a lot, but mostly of the time I have to type a three digit number in order to navigate through the document.

I would like to have a row count referring to the visible area of the window and not to all the document, in such a way I will always have to type only a 1 or 2 digit number when navigating.

For instance typing M-g M-g 3 RET I would like to go to the third visible line and not the third line of the document.

Thank you!


One option you can explore is to install https://github.com/abo-abo/avy. If you bind M-g M-g to avy-goto-line then it will give you an overlay so that a single letter from the home row of the keyboard will take you to the first 7 rows of the screen, and a pair of letters from the home row will take you to most of the rest of the screen.

If you enter a number it will forward that to the standard goto-line, so you get fast navigation to onscreen lines using one or two letters, and can go to any line with numbers.

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