I'm using pomodoro method of focus-enhanced time allocation when I work in my tasks. In Emacs (I'm using Windows 10), here comes the org-pomodoro package for org-mode, where I can 'clock-in' an item in an .org file.

What I want is to extend the function in two ways: 1. When the countdown is finished, I want Emacs to send out a system pop-up windows in case the Emacs windows is minimized or not active. 2. I want to log the pomodoro by adding a line to the item in the .org file where I 'clock-in' and potentially with pomodoro count.

I have some knowledge of Lisp but hacking Emacs Lisp (except for the really long .emacs file and tiny code files in load-path I have written). Where should I begin?

Please give me some ideas and your opinion. Thanks in advance.


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