I recently came across various workgroup extensions for Emacs and have been doing some experiments. I had a look at:

  1. eyebrowse
  2. workgroups
  3. workgroups2

(I have currently settled with workgroups2)

I could see the workgroup details on the default Emacs modeline but as soon as I enable the powerline or the telephone-line, I could not see the workgroups anymore, except for the wg as an indication that the minor-mode is enabled.

Can anyone provide me a few pointers for how I can get it on the custom mode-line?


After intense research on Emacs modeline and workgroups2 code, I finally figured it out!

Turns out that the expression wg-mode-line-string can be used to construct a segment for telephone-line like

(telephone-line-defsegment telephone-line-workgroups2-segment

It is now integrated in my dotfiles.


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