Is there a way in Helm to first match substrings from the beginning and only after that in the middle of candidates?

For instance, I have the following directory structure:


And I want to open a file in the directory .emacs.d. I start to type .em and Helm matches .gem first.

How to make Helm match .emacs.d first, without prepending the beginning of line symbol (^)?



It's possible with a pattern-transformer. Here's a sample code:

(helm :sources
          `((name . "Headings")
            (candidates . ,candidates)
            (action . (lambda (x) (goto-char x)
                         (call-interactively 'show-branches)
            (pattern-transformer . worf--pattern-transformer)))

(defun worf--pattern-transformer (x)
  "Transform X to make 1-9 select the heading level in `worf-goto'."
  (if (string-match "^[1-9]" x)
      (setq x (format "^%s" x))

The reason the character is not included because potentially a filename can contain that character. Btw, you are using the Helm version of find-file, not the actual helm-find-files. The helm-find-files command can fuzzy match, so you can just type "emd" to get to ~/.emacs.d, and even if you type "em", the command should give you ~/.emacs.d first. Check the helm-find-files section in my guide.

  • I tried typing em and it did match .emacs.d first in both helm-find-files and helm-mode-based find-file (didn't know they were different!). Why is it not matching .em the same way as em?
    – katspaugh
    Oct 30 '14 at 10:52
  • 1
    @katspaugh The same goes for helm-M-x is different from helm-based M-x. You can tell by execute persistent action (by default bound to TAB) and see the action menu. helm-find-files give you much more, and to know each action does what, read in details in my Helm Projectile guide, File Management section
    – Tu Do
    Oct 30 '14 at 10:57

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