This year, I am having classes with complex descriptions, such as "every 1st and 3rd friday between 2016-11-18 and 2017-5-19", so I chose to use org-mode agenda combined with sexps to describe them easily:

*17:00-19:00 Name of the class
      (diary-block 11 18 2016 5 19 2017)
        (diary-float t 5 1)
        (diary-float t 5 3)

Now, I want to export my schedule in the iCalendar format, to be able to use it in Lightning and/or Google Calendar. However, when I export it with C-c C-e c f (ie "Export current file to iCalendar"), I only get the events I input in classical timestamp format, e.g. *Name of class <2016-12-12 Mon>, although org-icalendar-include-sexps evaluates to t.

I also tried to use the agenda view exporting utility C-c a e, but encountered the same problem.

P.S. : I finally tried the alternative solution of directly importing my schedule to Google Calendar using org-gcal (https://github.com/myuhe/org-gcal.el), to no avail.

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