I use emacs gui in daemon mode and also in standalone terminal mode. There is a package that I just want to use when I'm using emacs in terminal mode.

the problem is that I can't use (display-graphic-p) because when I run emacs --daemon the initialization system thinks that I have no graphic-display, but I'll have when I connect the emacsclient to the daemon.

I wish I had access to a function like this:

(if (emacs-initiating-in-daemon-mode)

Is that possible?

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    When started in daemon mode, you may later open up a tty frame (i.e. use emacsclient from a terminal), so your daemon should be prepared for both GUI and text-terminal frames at the same time. How to do that depends on the details of what you want/need to do, which you haven't provided.
    – Stefan
    Commented Nov 7, 2016 at 14:06

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I think daemonp is what you're looking for. From its docstring:

Return non-nil if the current emacs process is a daemon.
If the daemon was given a name argument, return that name.

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