I installed emacs 25.1.1 on fedora and cloned the spacemacs environment. Then, I launch emacs and install some packages (e.g. magit). When I close and reopen emacs all my extensions must be reinstalled to use them. I can see the files I need exist under .emacs.d/.cache.

Any idea why it is not installing them permanently?


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This is expected, from the FAQ:

Why are packages installed with package-install automatically deleted by Spacemacs when it boots?

By default Spacemacs will keep only the packages that you use (i.e. the packages belonging to a layer explicitly listed in the variable dotspacemacs-configuration-layers).

To install packages that don't not belong to any Spacemacs layers, you can:

  • use the variable dotspacemacs-additional-packages.
  • or create a configuration layer configuring the package and add this layer to dotspacemacs-configuration-layers
  • or set the variable dotspacemacs-install-packages to used-but-keep-unused which will prevent Spacemacs from removing the packages you installed manually.

To check if Spacemacs supports the package you want to install press SPC h SPC and then look for the package you are interested in, for instance magit, you will see that magit is part of the git layer. Add git to the variable dotspacemacs-configutation-layers and press SPC f e R to reload the configuration in place. You should end with magit installed, it will remain installed as long as you use the git layer or you list magit in dotspacemacs-additional-packages.

Be sure to read the docstrings of all the dotspacemacs variables in your dotfile, especially the variables in dotspacemacs/layers function.

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