I went to start emacs today and was greeted with this:

WARNING: No org-loaddefs.el file could be found from where org.el is loaded.

followed by

You need to run "make" or "make autoloads" from Org lisp directory

Any idea how I can fix this error?

  • It says you should generate autoload file. After setup load-path, you also need to load org-loaddefs.el via (require 'org-loaddefs) (BTW, there is no need to load any other features). Please follow orgmode.org/manual/Installation.html to install org from git. – xuchunyang Nov 7 '16 at 4:12
  • Did running "make" or "make autoloads" from Org lisp directory make the problem go away, or not? – phils May 6 '18 at 2:19

As hinted at by this thread the issue can arise when the org installation is newer than the Emacs version which is running.

A simple solution is remove the org package. If it is marked as "builtin" in the package-list-packages view, remove the entire


directory instead.

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