I am using Emacs 24.3.1. on Ubuntu.

I am trying use compile in emacs: (M-x compile), I choose my Makefile.

It answered me -*- mode: compilation; default-directory:"path" -*- Compilation started at Wed Nov 9 10:48:00. status is Compilation:run, I wait, wait and it will never say nothing more. To leave this process I must kill it.

My Process List: compilation run compilation /dev/pts/14 /bin/csh -c make -f ../Makefile

When I run it from terminal everything works.

I did one test more I run grep function (M-x) grep -nH all "main" ./* . It is the same problem. Grep:run Compiling but I don’t have any results and a grep process is running. To leave this window again I must kill it.

I sure that any packages don’t have impact.

Did someone have similar problem? Can you share how to repair it?

  • Welcome to mx.sx! Does the problem appear if you start emacs with emacs -Q? Does pressing C-g (or maybe spamming it a couple times) allow you to leave the windows without killing them?
    – T. Verron
    Commented Nov 9, 2016 at 10:56
  • Hello, thanks for your answer, I tried it and it doesn't help. I tried do it without my config (~/.emacs) files that why I know that any packages doesn't have impact. Commented Nov 9, 2016 at 13:11
  • By C-c you mean M-x? And what do you mean by "choose my Makefile"?
    – npostavs
    Commented Nov 9, 2016 at 13:29
  • Yes M-x, sorry I corrected it. I choose my Makefile mean: comment make -f ../Makefile (where ../Makefile is my path) Commented Nov 9, 2016 at 13:39
  • 1
    It could be csh startup related, Can you clarify in your grep case if you have both a /bin/csh -c grep ... and a grep process, or only the former? Can you move your ~/.cshrc to a different name and see if that makes and difference? If it does then put the ~/.cshrc back, run the grep again and run ps axjf in a different window and look to see what child processes of the csh are running. Welcome to emacs stackexchange.
    – icarus
    Commented Nov 9, 2016 at 15:14

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Ok, I solve this problem. I will share the answer.

Before I had problem, I start my shell with csh but I would start in bash. So I added line with bash in my .cshrs to change it automatically each time.

There was big conflict, I don't understand why but I found it based on advice of @icarus. Thank you very much.

Finally I edit etc/passwd to change it using chsh , I found it as better solution. Compilation works right now, thanks. Good luck.

  • Glad it helped. It sounds as if you just had bash in your ~/.cshrc file. You needed a lot more to make this work correctly as you have found out -- set the SHELL environment variable, see if you are being run to start a program or interactively and so on. On stackexchange.com you should mark username like @icarus so the user gets notified.
    – icarus
    Commented Nov 10, 2016 at 14:53

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