I'm using spacemacs for react development. i like it mostly but I have one issue that is annoying. Currently emacs will try to align certain lines with the last opening paren, so something like this:

return React.createElement('div', 
                          { class = "className" }

I would rather the second line not be aligned with the opening paren and instead be indented only one extra 'tab' deep. So something like this:

return React.createElement('div',
    { class = "className" }

I believe my problem is only if I'm stating a new block on the next line, ie I have an opening brace/bracket/paren as the first character on my second line. For instance I get the indentation I expect if I do this:

return React.createElement('div', {
    class = "className",
    style = "whatever",

I'm not very experienced with eclipse configuration, I've stolen a mostly configured version for a peer so far. I have tried following these instructions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1475279/how-to-control-indentation-after-an-open-parenthesis-in-emacs but they didn't change anything, presumably because I should be setting a different argument to control indentation for opening brackets, though I'm not sure what argument I need.

React-mode seems to use mostly default settings for indentation, I used standard-indent for instance to control indent size, so presumably it's using whatever the default settings are for controlling indentation as well.

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