The package uniquify has an interesting feature that when visiting two files with the same name, it shows in the mode-line a uniquified version of their name. For example if we have two files with the paths .../directory1/file.txt and .../directory2/file.txt it shows in the mode-line something like directory1/file.txt and /directory2/file.txt not just file.txt. It suffices to put this in the intit file:

(require 'uniquify) 

Unfortunately this only works in a single instance of emacs. Is there any way to have this feature when several instance of emacs are running? I mean how to uniquify the names in all frames and buffers opened in these instances.

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    Why do you need several instances of emacs in the first place? Can't you use emacsclient and server-start instead? Maybe, with multiple frames? – Tobias Nov 25 '16 at 12:20

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