I wish to map the text properties onto a list and them insert them on a new buffer. For some reason the following snippet doesn't work. I've used the -map utility from dash.el package for the map.

 (lambda (x) (insert (propertize "a"
                     '(:foreground x))))

 '("red" "green" "orange"))

I wish to achieve something like this

enter image description here


I am not familiar with using the dash library, but the problem likely has to do with using a single quote for the list of face properties instead of using a backtick/comma combination.

  (lambda (x) (insert (propertize "a" 'face `(:foreground ,x))))
  '("red" "green" "orange"))

Here is an alternative to the backtick/comma list format, which uses the function list:

  (lambda (x) (insert (propertize "a" 'face (list :foreground x))))
  '("red" "green" "orange"))

I have not delved into the usages of the font-lock-face property described in the manual, so I just used face for this example since I am more familiar with it. https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/elisp/Special-Properties.html#Special-Properties

Here are links to the manual for the quote versus the backquote:




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