I Think I have an idea, unless i want to be sure. According to vim.wikia.com, [ and ] marks in vim refers to beginning/end of previously changed or yanked text, but there is no built-in ^ mark.

I must have missed something because I didn't really get deep into evil or vim references manuals.

Any accurate idea ?

Thank you in advance, hoping this is not a duplicate.


Yes, this is a special mark that stores the last position where you used the Insert mode. From the Vim help:

'^ `^ To the position where the cursor was the last time when Insert mode was stopped. This is used by the gi command. Not set when the :keepjumps command modifier was used. {not in Vi}

You can learn more about the topic in Vim with :help marks or in the Vim online documentation

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    thanks .. it's what i thought i should have dug the documentation – malikcpp Nov 27 '16 at 14:26

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