I am already in TeX-PDF-mode. When C-c C-c and type in pdflatex, it doesn't run. How can I run pdflatex in TeX-PDF-mode? Note: I don't change my emacs configuration file. Thanks.

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Just type latex instead of pdflatex at the C-c C-c prompt. TeX-PDF-mode sets the TeX-engine to pdflatex automatically. The command you are entering at the prompt is only representative of what you want emacs to do i.e compile with latex, view the pdf file with view and so on. The actual commands the prompt can accept is given in the variable TeX-command-list.

The same works for any other engine say xetex. You set TeX-engine to xetex and call latex at the C-c C-c prompt.


There's a command TeX-PDF-mode bound to C-c C-t C-p in my latex-mode, that's how I switch a buffer to using pdflatex instead of latex.

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