I'm trying to set upt org-mode and reftex-mode but I'm getting some troubles. Here is my init.el file:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.org\\'" . org-mode))
(setq org-agenda-files '("~/.../"))
(global-set-key "\C-ca" 'org-agenda)
(add-hook 'org-mode-hook
      (lambda ()

I'm trying to load a .bib file with (setq reftex-default-bibliography '("path/to/bibfile.bib")) and it seems to work fine, but as I type C-c [ in order to add a new reference I got this error:

reftex-using-biblatex-p: Stack overflow in regexp matcher

Any hint? Thanks in advance.

P.S. couldn't tag with reftex-mode nor bibtex as I have no enough reputation score. If anyone could, I think thah would be good!


reftex-using-biblatex-p is a simple function that finds whether the tex package biblatex is used by searching the text. The error may occur when the org file to be parsed is very large. So you can try a small file, or disable this function temporarily by (fset 'reftex-using-biblatex-p 'ignore), and see if reftex works.

  • Can you please advise, @liuhui, why this happens with large org files? Is there a way to increase the maximum file size for which this works, by adapting some configuration parameter?
    – andreas-h
    Mar 23 '15 at 13:48

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