I'm trying to get the unicode-math-input package up and running in spacemacs; the package depends on math-symbol-lists. Both packages are not featured in the official repositories.

From what I know about spacemacs I think I have to create a custom layer in .emacs.d/private/. I called the layer math so I have the folder .emacs.d/private/math/ with two subfolders math/local/unicode-math-input and math/local/math-symbol-lists (in which i cloned the respective github repositories).

The .emacs.d/private/math/packages.el file looks like this:

(defconst math-packages
    (math-symbol-lists :location local)
    (unicode-math-input :location local)

    (defun math/init-math ()
        (defun math/init-math-symbol-lists ()
            (use-package math-symbol-lists))

        (defun math/init-unicode-math-input ()
            (use-package unicode-math-input))

Further I added the layer to dotspacemacs-configuration-layers:


Spacemacs starts without problem, however the input method unicode-math-input can't be selected with M-x set-input-method. What am I missing? Many thanks in advance!


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I just went through the same process in order to create a layer. Only I needed to include one package only:

(setq math-packages '((math-symbol-lists :location local)))

(defun math/init-math-symbol-lists ()
  (use-package math-symbol-lists
     ;; init commands
     ;; config commands (after init).

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