Is there variable like org-latex-default-class-options which will set default options for \documentclass like file variable #+LATEX_CLASS_OPTIONS do?

This situation similar to variables #+LATEX_CLASS and org-latex-default-class. I've found How do I configure class options for latex export in my .emacs?, but it's one-year-old and not so trivial.

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Into the documentation "Org Mode/Exporting/LaTeX export/LaTeX header and sectioning structure":

By default, the LaTeX output uses the class article.

You can change this globally by setting a different value for org-latex-default-class or locally by adding an option like #+LATEX_CLASS: myclass in your file, or with a EXPORT_LATEX_CLASS property that applies when exporting a region containing only this (sub)tree. The class must be listed in org-latex-classes.

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