I have an interactive command which uses read-from-minibuffer with a history variable.

What I now would like to have is a helm function that provides a simmilar operation: enlisting history candidates in typical helm manner and using what I typed, if there is no match, adding that to the history variable.

The "what I typed" part reminds me of helm-find-files, where I can select existing files and optionally create a new one.

I'm asking this to be shure that I did not overlook an existion approach, before I start to implement it on my own.

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You can use C-r (helm-minibuffer-history) when you are in minibuffer, the key binding is set in helm-config.el via the option helm-minibuffer-history-key. However, when there is no match in the helm session, helm will simply do nothing. Your idea looks useful to me, I suggest you consider filing an issue to the helm developers.


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